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Videos of groups playing at Regent Jazz

Marcus Joseph, playing the music of Ornette Coleman ‘Ramblin’ for the first time at Regent Jazz alongside the Free Rangers. More videos: 2015: Some of the great jazz you can hear at the Regent Jazz Club every Tuesday in Leicester. KGB Jazz, Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton song), at The Regent Jazz Club, Leicester, 18/09/18. 2017. A compilation of some of the jazz featured at Regent Jazz in September & October 2017. Regent Jazz presents weekly jazz in Leicester, England. 2019. Red Top Dave Colinson Quartet w Alex Hewins at Regent Jazz. 2019.But Beautiful, performed by The Swinging Bass Band at Regent Jazz, Leicester. 2019. Route 66. The Swinging Bass Band at Regent Jazz, Leicester. Recorded by Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole and others. Composed by Bobby Troup. The Swinging Base

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